Commission Artwork

Commission Original Artwork

STEP 1     Come up with an idea.

Decide on a project piece or idea. Even a rough idea works well, in words or a stick figure description or sketch, and a photograph will help get the ball rolling.
Send me an email with what you are envisioning.  Allow one business day for an reply, so we can work together to crystallize the idea by gathering more information.

STEP 2   Decide on a size.

Size of the finished piece is important, keep in mind framing options and where you want to ideally wish to hang the piece.

STEP 3    Chose a medium.

If you are not sure ask, we can come up with the ideal medium together based on the subject and inspiration.

Keep in mind each medium has a different starting and ending price range.

STEP 4    Timing. 

Keep in mind, turnaround time, once there is an agreed project, commission agreement and deposit received, is approximately three weeks or 25 business day; however, size and medium may affect turnaround time for drying.

When a price, subject, medium, and dimensions are agreed upon, you will receive an email with a commission agreement, with all the details we have agreed upon and  a timeline.

Once the signed commission agreement and the minimum deposit of 35% of the projected total price has been received, the project can begin.

STEP 5   Updated Progress

Once the project has begun, you will receive an email of a sketch from the information or photographs on the medium of choice, for your additional approval.

Depending on the medium, you will receive emails during the creative process to insure you of the projects progress and is on track.

With drawings, at approximately the 40% complete stage, as they are tougher to make changes; however, with other mediums, at approximately 80% complete, since it is much easier to make changes if needed. It all depends on the medium.  The projects updates and timeline will be outlined within the commission agreement.

STEP 6     Finished

Once project is completed and the balance paid in full. Project can be picked up upon arrangement; or shipped via either USPS or FedEx. The delivery or shipping and handling cost will be in the commission agreement and are not part of the final cost.

Your satisfaction is very important in this process, and guaranteed.


*No commissioned projects are frame as part of the in the overall price on the commission agreement. If you are interested in the piece being frame we can discuss at any point in the process.


To begin the commission process, contact me via email to be guided through the options, prices and to upload a photograph. Multiple photographs may be combined into a single project. Describe any changes you would like made to the photograph or to set up a phone appointment to discuss details.

Let’s get started today! Send your idea to