Artist Statement

Exploration of the complex interactions around me has been the focus of my work. We travel through our innate, yet ultimate, connection to the environment which surrounds us day to day seeking to be seen. By acknowledging an individual talent, style, character, or just existence we can begin to truly see and recognized the being as part of our world. Each individual complexity becomes a facet or layer to build on while creating. It is all about exploration of the subject, layer upon layer. With each layer more depth and insight is brought forth. The deeper I go into the details, the more the subject becomes alive and luminous. Each facet of life deserves to be acknowledged.

Personal discovery is one of my main interests with the exploration of these layers. Each time I begin a new piece, I learn more about the interactions and the mastery of conveying the subject. In the spirit of the 1960s and 1970s photorealist painter’s, I find inspiration for my pieces by beginning the work from a photograph. However, I find myself taking steps away from more traditional mediums and surfaces. In an endeavor to challenge myself and expand my skills I use a variety of drawing and painting techniques employing ink, graphite, watercolor and even coffee and red wine.